ILC and the 3 LHC scenarios most prevalent issue in high energy physics, today, is to devise the best strategy to go beyond the current knowledge frontier. What is the most appropriate collider technology for the next step? e+e- or pp?, linear or circular? It is well known that high precision Higgs and top quark measurements far beyond what LHC can deliver are necessary and a strong motivation for an e+e- collider. However, it is essential to investigate in details what such a collider would provide under any of the possible three following scenarios:

  • LHC discovers no new particles, beyond the Higgs or
  • LHC discovers some new low-mass states or
  • LHC discovers new heavy particles.

These 3 inclusive scenarios have been bluntly addressed in a recent arXiv:1702.05333 paper: “The Potential of the ILC for Discovering New Particles“. The executive summary kindly prepared by the authors gives clear cut statements related to the 3 scenarios. It is reproduced in the following with a couple of highlighted figures Read more “ILC and the 3 LHC scenarios”