Getting started …

Welcome to the e+e- Physics site: eephysics (to be pronounced e-physics like in e-mail).

The logo is a summary of the various e+e- colliders (at their relative scales) proposed today, two linears (blue (3 TeV CLIC), red (0.5 Tev ILC) straight lines at the bottom) and  the 3 circulars (pink  (e+ e- in the LEP/TLEP tunnel, for reference), green and red (CepC) and blue (FCC e+e-)). This setup looks like an “Omega”. Maybe … hadrons and leptons colliders are “the alpha and omega” of accelerator research.


An introduction tab gives a very simple view of particle physics today and the main motivations for setting up this site.

The More info tab presents lists of collider websites, recent and upcoming conferences and workshops and links to the 4 collider projects main designs.

A very good introduction to the physics that will be covered in this blog is “Physics at e+e- linear colliders”. Although it is specific to linear colliders, the basic physics is the same. However, due to difference in luminosity, energy span, and other beam specific parameters, the expected physics results accuracy and limits are different. You can directly browse the paper through the tab.

Other more topical presentations on the top, Higgs physics and more are available under the e+e- Physics tab (to be regularly updated).

Under How does it works tab, videos describing in simple words and simulations the main accelerator concepts are proposed.

As for today the blog watch tab is a daily update of the last posts from “LC Newsline”, document server, the preprint server and the Highlight (Japanese).

The Arxiv tab is an automatic selection of preprints for various criteria from the famous Arxiv site.


Finally the Home tab (the default site page) will list the posts related to important papers or talks on e+e- physics.

You can be an author !!

Would you publish a paper related to lepton physics, you may contact us with a link to your publication. If your paper is appropriate for a post here we will ask you to send us a short pedagogical abstract that would be a simple introduction to your publication with 1-2 figures/pictures. After a simple peer review, it will posted here in your name. It will give more visibility to your work. You will also contribute to build a well documented site focusing on the physics of the coming e+e- machines.

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